Isaac Newton – World Famous Artist

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Art, History, Inspirational, Science
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Master of art of copyingYes,  Isaac Newton was an artist my friend. He was an artist. How??? Do you know that copying is an art??? You might say anyone can copy!!! where is the art!!! But the art is in how you copy can you make others know that you had copied or not. Can you make people believe that what you are copying is only yours content not of any other?? It is the art in copying. So, Isaac Newton is an artist before he copied from someone and he didn’t let anyone knew that he had copied. Because he was master of this art. But we can not say it he had copied, we must say that he presented the thing that creator can not. So, here the story start… I can’t say much about other laws but I had studied Newton’s 3rd law of motion from somewhere else. And before I start, I would like to say that what I am writing is completely based on mine thoughts. I am not like Newton(probably because I can’t spend my whole life to answer a question, I have Google, Newton didn’t had) and I am not responsible if there stands a person who thinks like me.

So, let’s first study Newton’s 3rd law of motion :-

3rd law of motion So, Newton’s third law of motion states that every equation has an equal and opposite reaction. I hope you might know about this. But let me tell you it is simple. As the picture says if you will do like this, the skateboard may go backward(following equal reaction) and you might go forward (following opposite reaction). So, here Newton’s story ends and let me take you to original creator ‘Archimedes‘.

Archimedes’ Principle

archimedes' principleI am sure that here everyone of you might have heard Archimedes’ Story.

If you want to know about Archimedes’ Story then you can simply click on the link I had provided to you. So, Archimedes’ Principle stated that the weight of fluid displaced by object is equal to the buoyant force exerted by the fluid.

And let me tell you somethings :- Weight = Force (in the term of physics)

And buoyant force is the force exerted by any fluid in upward direction. And you know anything that enters any fluid goes only down(as it is the law of gravity).

So, relating this, the great artist Isaac Newton simplified his statement, that the force exerted by any object is equal to the force exerted by fluid in opposite direction(as the object exerts force downwards and fluid upwards).

And now what, Newton had to experiment it for all things and he did. And the last step he had to replace every force word with action and reaction.

So, according to me, Newton was an artist rather than an Scientist. So, learn something from Newton. Every work you done if done finely, neatly and cleanly, then it could be an piece of art.

Life is an work of art. Demi Lovato

Your Step Next

Now, you can say about if you have any knowledge of artists(those scientists who copied) you can share it with us. And you can also share this post with your friends also.

I will be researching for my artists. Keep Visiting.

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