Mass Production – The History

Posted: July 12, 2013 in History, Inspirational, Science
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Mass Production is a technology due to which we are having many products at the cost of which we can afford ( I can not because I don’t like to save money.) so many things. The story of mass production is a very interesting story. Mass Production had made things affordable. So the story was around 19th century. Ford was a automobile company started by Henry Ford. Henry Ford was not the one who started mass production but he copied the idea from someone else. He was a businessman-cum-artist(for me). Actually, the idea of mass production come from the great economist Adam Smith(don’t know whether he had copied it or not). Adam Smith mentioned the idea in his book “The wealth of Nations” which was published in 1770s. And was first practiced in 1790s. But then it didn’t grew popular world widely until Henry Ford practiced it. And one another thing, he was not the one who carried the idea to himself. It was his assistant(I must say, but I don’t remember his name yet) who went to a slaughterhouse( a place where the meat of animal is cut) and he saw there that every person there was working continuously the same work over and over again. So, an idea struck to his mind. And he reported the idea to his boss. And he was really impressed by the idea which was given to him by his assistant.henry ford And the idea was to create an assembly line in which worker are bonded to only a single work continuously over the whole day. This was a great technique for the production of their product. But the workers in the company of Ford were not happy as they had to do the same work repeatedly and fast, this caused ’em pain in their vital body parts. So, they formed an union and protested against Henry’s assembly line. Henry Ford has to accept their requests of increasing their wages for the sake of production of cars. So, Ford accepted their request by the doubling their wages up to $5 but at the same time he also declared that in future, their will be no unions made. And, as the result of which there was a new Model-T Ford car produced every 3 minutes. This was an honor to Ford & the company. And these cars were made affordable for the US citizens. And this was the only reason that the Ford’s cars were sold very heavily. One after one, millions of cars were sold. And after watching this, whole US car manufacturers adopted the idea of Mass Production(Ford’s assembly line). And as Ford increased the wages of worker in the industry, the car were made affordable to the workers also. As the whole US car manufacturers copied the same system. Car production in the US rose from 2 million in 1919 to more than 5 million in 1929. And the European market of cars also started to copy it. Model-T Ford was the first mass produced car.

model_t fordYour Step Next

It was the only thing I had to say about Mass Production. Mass Production (according to Adam Smith) is simply producing for mass. Now, I want to say some thing about Adam Smith, I don’t know whether it was his own idea or not. But I think he would had copied it from the manufacturer of human, because he had made so many humans(humans for mass, LOL…..  :D). Well, I don’t think that original ideas come too easily.

Now, If you have something to say about Mass Production. Then, it would be a pleasure for me to read something from my readers. And feel free to share the stuff with your friends and their friends.

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