Ballpoint-pens_john_loudBallpoint pens is the invention that means a lot. But we don’t even know the name of who invented Ballpoint pens!!! How many of you use Ballpoint pen??? If you are saying NO!!!, then please don’t lie. Ballpoint pens was not invented by a single person(actually was, but it was not the type of ball pen we use today.)The invention of ballpoint pens was an attempt by John Loud, then we found some bugs then fixed it, and more bugs and more fixing. Then we had got the type of ball pens today we use.

Story of John J. Loud

John J. LoudIt was the time of 1888. John Loud was an American leather tanner. John J. Loud experienced many difficulties to note down any marks, lines and curves in the leather with his pencil. He was very irritated with not being able to see where he had marked things, where to cut the leather and with many more things. So, he decided to make a pen whose ink will be dark enough to be seen by naked eyes. And he did, he come up with a ball point pen, its ink was dark enough to be seen by dark eyes. Loud’s pen featured a ball in his nib and a reservoir of dark ink. The work of the roller ball was to apply the ink to the leather hides. But unfortunately, he was not able to introduce his invented pen to the huge crowd of America. This was the story of John J. Loud. But the story of Ballpoint pens doesn’t end here. John J. Loud was according to me, a good scientist(before he doesn’t copied any idea from somewhere, it was his necessity to invent a pen which could help him in his work).

As it is said :-

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Bugs of Loud’s attempt

But Loud’s attempt had many bugs to be used in paper. The major problem of these pens were ink – if the ink they used were thin, the pen started to leak and if the ink was too thick, then it started to clog. And if sometimes the temperature was unsuitable for the ink, the pen would clog and leak at the same time.

What do you know about ballpoint pens or any invention related to anyone’s necessity???

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