An English breakfast

An English breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was watching Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasmah, And I got to know one thing. I must say that you should watch TV Shows, don’t know what they will give you to learn. There are many things I got to learn from this series of TV Show, people call it Serial(i also do). But the main purpose here is not to serve you about what is A TV Serial. The topic here is to say many thing about Breakfast!!!

Why it is called Breakfast??????

It is the very first thing I got to know by watching that TV show(or whatever you say it). So, its not my thought(don’t need to say, i know it).  William Shakespeare said :-

What is in the name???

I replied to him :-


NO, seriously, I wanted to reply him that!!! But I can’t because by the time I was born. He had booked his ticket to H/H(here, i give a question to you according to you, William Shakespeare had booked his ticket to heaven or hell??? what do you say??). So, returning to the point, Champak Uncle of Taarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah said that we don’t eat even a single grain of food after the dinner till our next meal. And the period of our non-eating is very long(probably, for long than 8hours) and when we don’t eat something for a long time, in english it is called FAST!!! And then the time of morning is the time when we BREAK our FAST of 8hrs. So, summing this up BREAK+FAST=BREAKFAST.

Should Breakfast be light or heavy???

Light Breakfast means a breakfast which has less nutrition. An healthy breakfast means a breakfast which can satisfy your hunger till your next meal called LUNCH!!!(well, don’t ask me that what is the reason behind calling LUNCH a LUNCH) Light breakfast is suitable for those who don’t die for hunger every hour. It is suitable for those who doesn’t workout, jog etc.

Heavy breakfast means a breakfast which has good nutrients. This can be held by anyone but not in a huge quantity(try it out, and you will be not able to have your lunch, on that particular day…). It is also helpful for those who care about their health and have a workout session every morning.

What do you think about Breakfast??? Agree or disagree.

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