Road to success – my irregular teacher’s views

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Art, Inspirational
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Road to successSome months ago, a teacher-cum-motivational speaker came to our school and taught us some lessons about being successful(he was not successful at all according to me). But besides my thinking about him, the things he taught us were useful for any teen(according to me) who wants to be successful in his life( i think everyone wants to). His name was Manukul and according to me,  he was an struggli

ng speaker. All my teachers was jealous of him. WHY???? Because they taught us the same thing but for no cost. We should understand our teacher, they also motivate us( i speak only but i never understood any of my teacher, because they never threw any chance to let me know ’em). Well, I am not here to tell you about my teachers here.

So, here I start :-


la #1 : The first step to your success is assuming you are successful

He taught us that the first step to your success is that you must assume yourself as a successful person. Suppose, you want to become a scientist, then you must think that you are a scientist. Then you will start to feel like a scientist(but he didn’t told u

s to work hard after assuming). Actually, I agreed because many times it had happened to me too. It was not his original idea. I don’t know but I had heard it from somewhere else that :-

To succeed, the first thing you had to is to think you can succeed.

Well, this is a good thinking or art in mine language. That you express the stuff that is not yours in the way that it seems to other persons that it is yours. I must tha

nk him.

Formula #2 : You are the GOD!!!

Don’t depend on others.Don’t know when they will betray your trust. The simple thing is there doesn’t exists any type of GOD in this earth, it is just our belief(the line in green are my words not of mine irregular teacher).
Do not depend on GOD for good results in your exam. Do not pray to GOD for passing the interview. And blah blah blah. If you want to pass the exam, then work hard and pass it!!! And if you want to pass the interview, then try to impress ’em if you can not, then forget the Job MAN!!! And remember one thing, your destination is not decided by anyone else in the world, but  you, you are the one who can change its destination. And one more thing my hindi teacher says :-

Gatam na sochyami

It is an Sanskrit saying/proverb(or you can say shlok if you know hindi) which says that forget your past. Don’t think about your past. The thing that happened is happened, don’t think how it happened, think what to do to fix it!!! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE!!!

The 'San Andreas' text below Grand Theft Auto ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Formula #3 : Stay on the road to speed up

These are not the words of my

teacher(trust me). Because I am telling you just about my irregular teacher and now I am bored praising him, Now I want to tell something about myself. My mantra to success. Recently, I was playing GTA San Andreas

(my favorite game that I have). If you are a gamer or if you have ever played a game with cars. Then you must have noticed that the more you stay on the road the more your car will speed up. And if you connect this to life. Then you might notice that the more you work for success. The more you will improve yourself. So, it was my mantra to success.

Some Inspirational Quotes :-

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anythings requires faith and belief in yourself.. Remmeber all things are possible for those who believe….

If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dream, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours

What do you think??? Agree or disagree???

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