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Posted: July 14, 2013 in Art, History, Science
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triangularbarrelballpointpen_74882Way back to my aricle where I had left it, I am sure that you might had read the article Ball Point Pens – John Loud’s attempt. Yes, it was the story of John Loud that can not publicize his own invented pen. Well, now I am taking you to the second famous attempt to making an Ballpoint Pen. It is the story of two brothers(if you are guessing the wright brothers, if so, then you are getting me wrong). This is the story of Biro brothers of Europe, so, The bigger one was Ladislas Biro and the smaller one Georg Biro. Ladislas Biro was a Newspaper editor by profession. He had studied medicine, arts and hypnotism(so, why was he editing newspapers???? :D). And the smaller one, Georg Biro was a chemist by profession.

Where does the problem started???

English: A highly magnified image of the tip o...

English: A highly magnified image of the tip of a ballpoint pen. Edit by User:Samsara of :Image:Ballpointpentip.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The problem started when Ladislas Biro was working in newspaper editing. And he was frustrated of by the amount of time wasted in refilling the ink of Fountain pen and cleaning up ink smudges. Besides this, the sharp tip of Fountain pens often tore the paper they used to make newspapers. So in the determination of designing a good pen which can be used for making newspaper, he called out for his brother, Georg Biro. Ladislas Biro and Georg Biro sat for hours and days(who knows may be for weeks, months and maybe years!!! But i am sure they didn’t had that potential to sat for weeks) for making better models/designs and formulating better inks to be used in ’em.

Where did they got break???

One day, the both brothers were seating at a seashore enjoying their vacations, while they met a elder person who seems to be great, named Augustine Justo(president of Argentina at that time). Biro brothers showed(in my language, bragged) him their design or models of ballpoint pens, and the President, Augustine Justo urged them to set up a small factory in Argentina to design their developed pens. And the Biro brothers flied to Argentina.

Once they were in Argentina, they found that many investors were willing to invest on their invention. And then in 1943, they opened a manufacturing plant. But unfortunately, their pens failed.

What were the bugs of these pens???

The pens that they designed were, not good enough. The biggest bug of these pens were that if they were hold in a slant position, the pen couldn’t write in that way, it has to be hold in a straight position, only then the ink ran downwards to the nib of the pen. And it was a great failure to Biro brothers. But they were not so much easy to beat. They overcame with some new design of pens. They returned to their laboratory and designed which relied on capillsry action(i don’t know much about this, but this means that the ink now will not have to depend on gravity to run down to the nib of the pen). And the rough ball at the end acted like a metal sponge, it absorbed the ink and with this improvement, the pens now could be held slant rather than straight. And one year after, they were selling the improved version of their pen. But it didn’t gave them the success they wanted. And they had beaten, they ran out of money.

How was it??? Want more to know???

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