Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens.

Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ballpoint Pens, I have been talking about this from 3 days now. And I think that you might be having fun. So, here I start with a successful attempt of Ballpoint Pens. And who was behind this successful attempt, I think, this maybe a question raised in your mind if you are interested in this topic. This was an 54 years old Chicago Salesman(at that time when Biro brothers were working for their pens, 1935, 54 years old) named Milton Reynolds(after which Reynolds pen manufacturers are started). He was a salesman and he didn’t that he will achieve that much name :D(who know his future!!!). If you hadn’t read the previous articles describing the struggle behind a better improved ballpoint pens. Then I may suggest you to read about John Loud’s attempt and Biro brother’s attempt at making better improved ballpoint pens. Actually, what Reynolds created was not original, it was created by Biro brothers, his job was to sell it off and make changes in it. In my language Reynolds was also an artist(because he copied but in the way that no one can recognize it).

Where did the story started???

Milton Reynolds set out for vacations in Argentina at the same time when Biro brothers were making out their 2nd design for a better and improved ballpoint pen. Reynolds noticed their pens in the stores(he knew that these pens were not successful 😦 ). And then an idea struck to his mind, and the idea was that these pens were be successful if they were transported to America. He made some changes in Biro’s design. Then, Reynolds set up an pen manufacturing factory in America with over 300 workers. And Milton Reynolds became the first American pen manufacturer. They made millions of pens. Reynolds made a deal with Gimbels to be the first retail store in America to sell out Ballpoint Pens. The sales were too big. Milton Reynolds earned a lot from ’em and became real rich. After watching Reynolds doing this and earning a lot, several American businessmen see this as an growing business field. And many of them involve themselves in this business.

And then many American businessmen involved themselves in this business competing each others pens. Many introducing some new features to their pens like waterproof pens, upside down writing pens, pens that could write ten carbon copies etc.

Winner is not the one who does different things, but the one, who do the same thing uniquely.

And in this way, Milton Reynolds introduced the ballpoint pen to the world. How was this???? Don’t mind to put your view down on the commentary box!!!

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