The new skin – E-Skin

Posted: August 8, 2013 in Art, Science
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second skin

second skin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

E-Skin is a technology or I must say a new medicine which is sensitive to touch and healing. This is nothing new but there are many substances that we need to develop in case of using it. This is not for common peoples but for those who have a problem with their skin. I was not familiar with this layer of skin until December 2012. But the proper information to me on this topic was delivered on April or may be May 2012. And I was very much excited to tell my readers about this topic.  So, yesterday, I was reading a technology magazine and there was a topic on E-Skin. So, readers are you interested in this topic????(you should be :p, if you’re not)

The Old E-skin

The old E-skin here I want to say that there are two versions of E-skin(according to me 🙂 ). The scientists are able to create these types of e-skin or synthetic skins. They are been developing this over years and years, but still the skin they had developed is nothing new and lack several features that human skin have.  These skins can only be used for makeover.  The features that these synthetic skins lack is their sensitivity to temperature, the sense of touch and the major feature that the skin lacks is that it can not be healed by itself.  So, it is not able for use. They are to be used for the rarest cases. Good prosthetic can not be build by them. These skins are used for Plastic Surgeries. This type of E-skin is used to make a layer over human skin layer to get the type of face you want. But this skin is not usually found to look real.

The New E-Skin

Before December 2012(because i don’t know the actual time 😦 ), many researchers at Stanford University developed a skin that is just more than the previous E-Skin. They said that they have created a synthetic material that has overcome the limitations of traditional synthetic skin. They told a lot about the skin that they had made. I couldn’t tell you what they had told in detailed. But here’s a brief for you about this new technology. The skin is now able to create smarter prosthetics, more resilient and they had build self-repairing electronics in it. And according to them, these features are making the skin a better synthetic skin then ever( i agree :), do you???). The main motive of the researchers was to find a material that could heal itself, as well as, conduct electricity. In this research, they found that the skin could heal itself if the material was made of a long chain of molecules which should be connected by hydrogen bonds. These hydrogen bonds allowed a weak attraction between differently charged region of atoms. The skin they made is highly flexible because the molecules in it can be split easily, but they tend to come back in the original shape. And they said, that the strength of the skin can be increased by embedding nickel atom in the material, that can also allow electric charges to be flown easily. So, that’s how they got a E-Skin like a human skin.

What do you think??? Any opinions???


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