Phishing – an introduction

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
New Federal Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks ...

New Federal Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks Frame University of Maryland Cybersecurity Center Launch (Photo credit: University of Maryland Press Releases)

Ahhh!!! It was my dream to come up with an article related to this kinda technology. Well, it feels good to tell about what you love to. I love to talk about technology and CyberCrimes. Well, there’s a lot to share about the world of CyberCrime. But I don’t have that much knowledge of this kinda technology that I’ll be able to share things with you with an article more than 500 words. Well, I know you are not here to read what I like to tell or what kinda knowledge I have. Am I right or I am right???? So, going straight ahead to the main topic which you are here. Phishing!!!

Phishing not Fishing

When I first read the word PHISHING in an book related to CyberCrime, then I first thought that it would be related to somewhat FISHING. And then reading it theoretically, I thought FREAKING NO!!! Theoretically, it didn’t gave me the glimpse of Fishing.

Ohhh, I forgot to tell you what I read in the paragraph below the massive heading of PHISHING. In simple words, it told me that Phishing is a technique in the world of CyberCrime through which we can get to know about the passwords of our targeted victim. And in a long story, you would have to create a fake login screen and then this and that. And then blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!

But when I read the whole procedure. BOSS!!! Then I got to know why this was named as PHISHING.


Shakespeare said the above words. And I got to know that he himself had written his name beyond the saying or you can say quote. And I had already replied Shakespeare in my old post.In reply to Shakespeare, I had already said


Well, all these so-called inspirational things aside. Coming to the topic, WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE WHICH LEADS TO SUCH NAME??? Well, I was not known to the procedure until July of this year.

The procedure is to:-

  1. First, you have to prepare for a fake login screen.
  2. Then you will have to host a link which will lead to that fake login screen.
  3. You will have to send an anonymous email to your targeted victim.
  4. And then wait for the person to visit the fake login screen.

Wanna know more guys, I will suggest you to visit the blog below :-

Santosh Kumar’s blog

So, its just like Fishing. You’ll have to wait till your fish gets into the net. And then grab it and kill it. Well, it was the whole thing that I got to tell you about.

And now its time to give you some tips about PHISHING!!! I hope you don’t mind me giving you tips. So, here are they :-

  • The first tip, I would suggest you to have the knowledge of this subject. But don’t try it. And if you are going to try this. Try it at your own risk. As it is a crime.
  • And the other one, if you are going to try this. Then at least make sure, that you are not committing any crime.
  • And the last one, practice is the only thing that can make you an expert at any task. So, make sure that you practice your skills to make ‘em best.

So, that’s all. BE SAFE!!! I will be sharing some more things about CYBERCRIME. So, keep visiting.

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