The awesome four step guide to form a star

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golden stars

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Hey friends, last week I came up with an article which tells you about how to create a universe. It seemed interesting to me, was it interesting for you??? Or you just missed the article my friend, then you were not lucky, don’t worry you can visit the article that I will suggest you below to visit. Ohh, talking about the resource where I got these awesome articles or topics to share about. As I have told back in my article, that these knowledge come from an encyclopedia telling some awesome things. So, did you know about the encyclopedia???? Don’t worry if not, if I’m here my readers don’t have to fear. So go on reading. Well, its just a joke for me to create a star by yourself but for those one interested in so-called astronomy, the whole article is meant for them. Yeah, so shall I start now??? I hope you don’t mind.


Read only if you are so serious about what you are going to do!!!! My suggestion, its your choice ahead.

Yeah, that’s all you need. And if I try to add some by my side then I would like to suggest a very useful input of all steps by your most intelligent part of your brain.

The So-called PROCEDURE

  1. Are you so excited to create an awesome star??? Yeah??? So, here I go my friend. So, first of all you have to create the perfect conditions to create a star!!! That is you have to create a vast cloud which is mainly made up of the three things that I suggested you just some lines above(don’t like to see above, so here they are, they were Hydrogen, Helium and Dust :D).
  2. Now what??? Ohhh jerk!!! Now that you have created an awesome vast cloud suitable for creating a star so you want to take one more step further. So, now you have to collapse the cloud into fragments and you will have to shrink the cloud into the protostars. And a fact – Prototype is the first stage of any star’s life.
  3. Now what jerk???? Ohhhh, I am tired of asking or hearing this question whenever I start any conversation with my friends. Well, you will now not have to say these words because you know when I’m here you don’t actually have to fear. So, now that you have crossed the step #2, you will now have to start nuclear reactions in your star. This will help the star to glow or what you say shine steadily. And now your sexy shining star is ready!!!
  4. Now if you want to destroy your star cruelly. Then just do it with an explosion that is able to leave behind a supernova remnant, neutron star or may be a black hole. So, that was all for creating a sexy shining star. Now let me gonna show you some facts of superstars.


  • The highest temperature of the hottest star is 45,000˚ celcuis or what you say 80,000˚ Farheneit.
  • The highest temperature of the coolest star is 2,500˚ celcuis or what you say 4,500˚farheneit.
  • There are many stars which shine more than our SUN. And these stars produce at least 6 million times more light than the sun.
  • The oldest star is 10 billion years old.
  • Sirius is the most brightest star at the night time.



AUTHORS :- Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole Stott, Richard Walker, Claire Watts


So, that was all my friends. Got something??? So, are you sure you will complete your mission of creating a star. And got something to share, you are free to comment below and add your opinions. Your opinions are appreciated.

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