Are you one of those who doesn’t know how the moon was formed????

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blue-moon-101119-02, guys I had came up with at least 2 articles from an Encyclopedia. Now you will be thinking that I am just copying the content from the encyclopedia and throwing it to your face. But no, what can I do??? The articles in the encyclopedia is just so interesting that I just can’t stop myself to share it with you. But you can check the article about universe or the article about stars to check out what it offered us!!! So, all the apologies apart. Can I come to the topic??? I think you don’t mind actually. So, here I come. This time I am just coming up with an article that is telling you about the history of moon. How the moon was created??? Under what conditions and what other things which lead to this!!! So, are you ready??? I hope so :D. Do you???

THE 4 point history of the moon

  1. So, point #1, ahhh!!! How good it does feel when you got to talk about something you know??? Do you agree??? Okay, I know I know that you are not here. But just to check out if you were alive. Yeah, so first of all, A ball, actually a huge ball. Sorry, did I wrote ball. Actually a huge mars-sized asteroid comes towards our earth at his fastest speed of 20kmps(12 miles per second) and collides with our earth.

2. And then the smashed asteroid pieces and the material gouged out the earth formed a ring around our earth (aww!!!! Our earth became saturn for that time).

  1. After several years(millions or who knows maybe billions) those material which were orbitting earth for years joined each other.

4. And then they formed a large sized ball or what you say natural sattelite which orbitted earth, and you know what we call this natural satellite. We call it moon. This is one-fourth the size of our earth.


  • The pull of Earth’s gravity makes the moon to orbit our earth otherwise It would have gone elsewhere.
  • The gravity on the moon is one-sixth than that present on our earth. That’s why we do moonwalk on moon.
  • That is the moon gravity that is able to create tides on our earth. Nothing more to say.
  • The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun. But the both looks same from earth. Ohh my god!!!



AUTHORS :- Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole Stott, Richard Walker, Claire Watts


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