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Yet another post on the topic Know Indians. This time I am here to say something about Indians by keeping my sight in the area of Bollywood. I had watched several bollywood movies. But i am not going to talk about Bollywood. I am here to open some qualities(what i say to ’em!!!) which I had noticed by the film industry of India named “Bollywood”. So, first of all before starting I would like to tell you that these thoughts are completely mine, not by anyone else. And I am sorry if anyone else can think like me, and had published his thoughts before I do.  And one more thing, if you are a Indian reading this article found any of the quality(bad quality), then you should try to improve yourself and if not you can give suggestions to me about improving my articles(i will be very thankful to you)!!!

Do You Know???

Indian Film Industry “Bollywood” has completed its 100 yrs. Its first movie was released in the year 1913.

Quality #1 : They don’t like to create original Ideas!!!

According to my philosophy,  ideas are not created by own(this is equals to ideas are created by life experiences, chats, conversations etc.). That means, ideas are not original. But the problem with most of Indians is that they do not overcome with ideas that had not used ever before. I am also the one of the 1.21 billion Indians. And this is the problem with me too. As you might have observed, some of my ideas are completely old(but you can not say I do not overcome with ideas that are not original :p).

Quality #2 : Can not carry the work they had left(doesn’t work for all, but according to me 51% indians)

The heading might had said the all I wanted to say here. I want to say that many of the indians left their work pending and they can not make up their mind to carry on the work. I am one of those who do so. Let me tell you about what I did some years before. I rememeber I was in class 7th or 8th maybe. The school was new to me. I hated my English teacher(maybe this is the reason that why my english is not so much good). He assigned us lot of homework everyday. And whenever we go to him, to get our english notebook checked by him. He find out so many mistakes and tell us to redo homework. And I was irritated by this behaviour of him. And I didn’t completed his homework fo the whole year(and the best part was that he didn’t got to know about this!!!). This was a real story. See, and I know there were many students like me. This happens in bollywood too, some of the director produces the sequel of their last movie, but the story doesn’t go onwards. A new story starts!!!

Quality #3 : Beg for success!!!

I got to know about many struggling actors who beg for picking up to do some work. I don’t like this. They must not beg, they should have the urge to do it by themselves. They are good at acting, but do not show their talent to those. Well, this happens not only in bollywood but at many other places in India. It is not a good thing. If you are one of them, then I would like to say.


What do you think??? Agree or disagree with my point of view???


Microbial photo array
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Disease detecting sensors are new technology to find out whether the patient is going under any crucial disease. There are many diseases, that need a quicker operation for the best results to be shown. But unfortunately, there are some diseases which are very hard to be diagnosed in their starting stages like AIDS. These diseases are not very easy to be recognized in their initial stages. Therefore, it is hard to help out an AIDS(or a person with similar disease) patient 😦 . So, after working a lot to recognize AIDS in its earlier stage. British scientist had came up with a solution that might identify the disease in its earlier stages. I got to know about this in Dec. 2012 while reading a magazine(reading magazine is a good habit, you must carry out :P, just a suggestion). But that was not the time that I can introduce my readers with this invention(because I didn’t own a blog at that time 😦 ). But not to worry, I have come up with the information about this disease. So, wish you a Happy Reading. And yes, don’t forget to tell you that how do you feel about this invention.

So, going ahead and telling about the invention.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many days ago (feel like an ancient invention :P), back in Dec. 2012. There existed an Imperial College in London, England. Where doctors and scientists worked out for medicines(probably not for their muscles :D) for curing AIDS. But they come up with a medicine which can identify symptoms of AIDS in its early stage.  The super-sensitive  prototype sensors made the doctors and the scientists to detect the symptoms of the disease with naked eyes. They had to use nanotechnology to analyze the blood samples. Theses sensors  had a positive reaction to p24(a protein that indicates the early symptoms of HIV infection), or PSA(a protein that indicates prostate cancer) and generates irregular clumps of nano particles that emit a blue color in a solution that is kept in a disposable container. But if the sensor(or you can say, indicator) shows an negative reaction, then it causes the nano particles to separate into a ball-like shapes which creates a reddish blue colour. These colours are easily distinguishable with naked eyes.

Simple HIV test which uses saliva to determine HIV infection already existed before that, but , they can only detect the virus if the virus is present in highly concentrated amounts. The concentration of p24 protein is high in the first few weeks of infection, so, the test like that invented by British Scientists is the one which is able to be used for quick diagnosis at the early stages of infection. This make us able to not to wait for the virus to be spread in the whole body of the patient.

The team of scientists behind the project says that their technology is 10 times more sensitive than current methods used for diagnosis than current methods used for the diagnosis of via similar biomarking systems, and, in fact, they showed viral loads in an HIV-infected patients that were previously undetectable.

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By far, I had written articles on the invention and re-invention of Ballpoint pens if you are too interested in the so-called History and Science.

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Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens.

Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ballpoint Pens, I have been talking about this from 3 days now. And I think that you might be having fun. So, here I start with a successful attempt of Ballpoint Pens. And who was behind this successful attempt, I think, this maybe a question raised in your mind if you are interested in this topic. This was an 54 years old Chicago Salesman(at that time when Biro brothers were working for their pens, 1935, 54 years old) named Milton Reynolds(after which Reynolds pen manufacturers are started). He was a salesman and he didn’t that he will achieve that much name :D(who know his future!!!). If you hadn’t read the previous articles describing the struggle behind a better improved ballpoint pens. Then I may suggest you to read about John Loud’s attempt and Biro brother’s attempt at making better improved ballpoint pens. Actually, what Reynolds created was not original, it was created by Biro brothers, his job was to sell it off and make changes in it. In my language Reynolds was also an artist(because he copied but in the way that no one can recognize it).

Where did the story started???

Milton Reynolds set out for vacations in Argentina at the same time when Biro brothers were making out their 2nd design for a better and improved ballpoint pen. Reynolds noticed their pens in the stores(he knew that these pens were not successful 😦 ). And then an idea struck to his mind, and the idea was that these pens were be successful if they were transported to America. He made some changes in Biro’s design. Then, Reynolds set up an pen manufacturing factory in America with over 300 workers. And Milton Reynolds became the first American pen manufacturer. They made millions of pens. Reynolds made a deal with Gimbels to be the first retail store in America to sell out Ballpoint Pens. The sales were too big. Milton Reynolds earned a lot from ’em and became real rich. After watching Reynolds doing this and earning a lot, several American businessmen see this as an growing business field. And many of them involve themselves in this business.

And then many American businessmen involved themselves in this business competing each others pens. Many introducing some new features to their pens like waterproof pens, upside down writing pens, pens that could write ten carbon copies etc.

Winner is not the one who does different things, but the one, who do the same thing uniquely.

And in this way, Milton Reynolds introduced the ballpoint pen to the world. How was this???? Don’t mind to put your view down on the commentary box!!!

Road to successSome months ago, a teacher-cum-motivational speaker came to our school and taught us some lessons about being successful(he was not successful at all according to me). But besides my thinking about him, the things he taught us were useful for any teen(according to me) who wants to be successful in his life( i think everyone wants to). His name was Manukul and according to me,  he was an struggli

ng speaker. All my teachers was jealous of him. WHY???? Because they taught us the same thing but for no cost. We should understand our teacher, they also motivate us( i speak only but i never understood any of my teacher, because they never threw any chance to let me know ’em). Well, I am not here to tell you about my teachers here.

So, here I start :-


la #1 : The first step to your success is assuming you are successful

He taught us that the first step to your success is that you must assume yourself as a successful person. Suppose, you want to become a scientist, then you must think that you are a scientist. Then you will start to feel like a scientist(but he didn’t told u

s to work hard after assuming). Actually, I agreed because many times it had happened to me too. It was not his original idea. I don’t know but I had heard it from somewhere else that :-

To succeed, the first thing you had to is to think you can succeed.

Well, this is a good thinking or art in mine language. That you express the stuff that is not yours in the way that it seems to other persons that it is yours. I must tha

nk him.

Formula #2 : You are the GOD!!!

Don’t depend on others.Don’t know when they will betray your trust. The simple thing is there doesn’t exists any type of GOD in this earth, it is just our belief(the line in green are my words not of mine irregular teacher).
Do not depend on GOD for good results in your exam. Do not pray to GOD for passing the interview. And blah blah blah. If you want to pass the exam, then work hard and pass it!!! And if you want to pass the interview, then try to impress ’em if you can not, then forget the Job MAN!!! And remember one thing, your destination is not decided by anyone else in the world, but  you, you are the one who can change its destination. And one more thing my hindi teacher says :-

Gatam na sochyami

It is an Sanskrit saying/proverb(or you can say shlok if you know hindi) which says that forget your past. Don’t think about your past. The thing that happened is happened, don’t think how it happened, think what to do to fix it!!! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE!!!

The 'San Andreas' text below Grand Theft Auto ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Formula #3 : Stay on the road to speed up

These are not the words of my

teacher(trust me). Because I am telling you just about my irregular teacher and now I am bored praising him, Now I want to tell something about myself. My mantra to success. Recently, I was playing GTA San Andreas

(my favorite game that I have). If you are a gamer or if you have ever played a game with cars. Then you must have noticed that the more you stay on the road the more your car will speed up. And if you connect this to life. Then you might notice that the more you work for success. The more you will improve yourself. So, it was my mantra to success.

Some Inspirational Quotes :-

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anythings requires faith and belief in yourself.. Remmeber all things are possible for those who believe….

If one advances confidently in the direction of one’s dream, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours

What do you think??? Agree or disagree???

Ballpoint-pens_john_loudBallpoint pens is the invention that means a lot. But we don’t even know the name of who invented Ballpoint pens!!! How many of you use Ballpoint pen??? If you are saying NO!!!, then please don’t lie. Ballpoint pens was not invented by a single person(actually was, but it was not the type of ball pen we use today.)The invention of ballpoint pens was an attempt by John Loud, then we found some bugs then fixed it, and more bugs and more fixing. Then we had got the type of ball pens today we use.

Story of John J. Loud

John J. LoudIt was the time of 1888. John Loud was an American leather tanner. John J. Loud experienced many difficulties to note down any marks, lines and curves in the leather with his pencil. He was very irritated with not being able to see where he had marked things, where to cut the leather and with many more things. So, he decided to make a pen whose ink will be dark enough to be seen by naked eyes. And he did, he come up with a ball point pen, its ink was dark enough to be seen by dark eyes. Loud’s pen featured a ball in his nib and a reservoir of dark ink. The work of the roller ball was to apply the ink to the leather hides. But unfortunately, he was not able to introduce his invented pen to the huge crowd of America. This was the story of John J. Loud. But the story of Ballpoint pens doesn’t end here. John J. Loud was according to me, a good scientist(before he doesn’t copied any idea from somewhere, it was his necessity to invent a pen which could help him in his work).

As it is said :-

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Bugs of Loud’s attempt

But Loud’s attempt had many bugs to be used in paper. The major problem of these pens were ink – if the ink they used were thin, the pen started to leak and if the ink was too thick, then it started to clog. And if sometimes the temperature was unsuitable for the ink, the pen would clog and leak at the same time.

What do you know about ballpoint pens or any invention related to anyone’s necessity???

Micromax_Canvas_4Know Indians, this is a category of posts here that I had started to introduce Indians to the world in my point of view. Here  i had got some news yesterday that Micromax Canvas 4’s pre booking was started on 28th June and the main feature of this pre-booking was that they had introduced no specification and no cost of this phone were introduced to the people but after all these. We Indian People had pre-ordered ’em. And you know what, Before the release of this phone, without any information about this phone, Indians had pre-ordered 13,000 and something phones(have they gone mad????? or they were???). So, I am going to tell you some facts or you must say I am going to give you some knowledge about Indians. And these thoughts are completely mine, I am not responsible if anyone else in the world think likes me. So, before I start I want to tell all the Indians reading this article that If you have any of the quality I am mentioning below then you must try to improve it.

So, here I go

Quality #1 : Indians believe(or trust) any thing very easily

This is the point I know about Indians till I am an Indian. I would like to tell you that I am an born Indian. The thing is Micromax is a Sri Lankan company came to India some years ago, at the starting, Its cell phones were not too good that it will be recognized to the whole Indian market. But since last 2 years, it is producing Canvas range of smartphones and till then it has rocked the market of phones in India. It is giving consumers what the great companies like Samsung, Nokia, LG are giving but at the cost which is affordable. Means a phone having an 8 MP camera, 5 inch screen, Android Jelly Bean OS, 1.5 GHz processor and many more facilities at the cost of Rs.10,000(around US 180$) only. And we Indians had trusted the company very blindly, I mean we Indians are thinking that whatever they are giving to us is good, they can not ever produce bad things. And as a result the Indian market of Smartphones have two giants, one, Samsung and another one Micromax.

Quality #2 : Celebrities on TV Ads

The quality no. 2 about any Indian is that if they see hit(i mean to say here who is doing superhit movies) celebrity on product ads that is being telecasted on TV, then they go mad. If they like the celebrity too much, don’t matter whether the product is good or bad. They will order/buy the product immediately. And if you ask ’em immediately that what do you know about this product???? They will go blank. And if they are frank to anybody, then they will say ” I don’t know much about this but what I know is my favorite celeb. is on its Ad.”(that’s the only point I hate about my sister. she goes mad if she had watched Shahrukh Khan or Ranbir Kapoor on any TV Ad.) That is what actually chitrangada-singh-hothappened in the case of Micromax Canvas 4, their was Chitrangada Singh promoting this phone. And all the Indian consumers gone mad!!!! Well, I must add She is really hawttt man!!! But the hotness of any girl must not affect any consumer.

Quality #3 : Do Not COMPARE!!!

Well, this quality is not applied to all Indian consumers. But a huge amount of Indian consumers do not compare before buying an product. The ones who don’t like to compare before buying an product must be very very rich or the must be a big fool. If you are very very rich then these tips are not for you. But if you are big fool(and accept too). Then I would like to tell you COMPARE MAN!!! If you do a comparison between two things you might know that what is good for you…. And you will understand the value of money(May Be).

Your Step Next :-

Tell me something you know about the qualities of Indians by commenting. Feel free if you have any arguments about my thinking and also feel free to share this with your friends and their friends.

Mass Production is a technology due to which we are having many products at the cost of which we can afford ( I can not because I don’t like to save money.) so many things. The story of mass production is a very interesting story. Mass Production had made things affordable. So the story was around 19th century. Ford was a automobile company started by Henry Ford. Henry Ford was not the one who started mass production but he copied the idea from someone else. He was a businessman-cum-artist(for me). Actually, the idea of mass production come from the great economist Adam Smith(don’t know whether he had copied it or not). Adam Smith mentioned the idea in his book “The wealth of Nations” which was published in 1770s. And was first practiced in 1790s. But then it didn’t grew popular world widely until Henry Ford practiced it. And one another thing, he was not the one who carried the idea to himself. It was his assistant(I must say, but I don’t remember his name yet) who went to a slaughterhouse( a place where the meat of animal is cut) and he saw there that every person there was working continuously the same work over and over again. So, an idea struck to his mind. And he reported the idea to his boss. And he was really impressed by the idea which was given to him by his assistant.henry ford And the idea was to create an assembly line in which worker are bonded to only a single work continuously over the whole day. This was a great technique for the production of their product. But the workers in the company of Ford were not happy as they had to do the same work repeatedly and fast, this caused ’em pain in their vital body parts. So, they formed an union and protested against Henry’s assembly line. Henry Ford has to accept their requests of increasing their wages for the sake of production of cars. So, Ford accepted their request by the doubling their wages up to $5 but at the same time he also declared that in future, their will be no unions made. And, as the result of which there was a new Model-T Ford car produced every 3 minutes. This was an honor to Ford & the company. And these cars were made affordable for the US citizens. And this was the only reason that the Ford’s cars were sold very heavily. One after one, millions of cars were sold. And after watching this, whole US car manufacturers adopted the idea of Mass Production(Ford’s assembly line). And as Ford increased the wages of worker in the industry, the car were made affordable to the workers also. As the whole US car manufacturers copied the same system. Car production in the US rose from 2 million in 1919 to more than 5 million in 1929. And the European market of cars also started to copy it. Model-T Ford was the first mass produced car.

model_t fordYour Step Next

It was the only thing I had to say about Mass Production. Mass Production (according to Adam Smith) is simply producing for mass. Now, I want to say some thing about Adam Smith, I don’t know whether it was his own idea or not. But I think he would had copied it from the manufacturer of human, because he had made so many humans(humans for mass, LOL…..  :D). Well, I don’t think that original ideas come too easily.

Now, If you have something to say about Mass Production. Then, it would be a pleasure for me to read something from my readers. And feel free to share the stuff with your friends and their friends.