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blue-moon-101119-02, guys I had came up with at least 2 articles from an Encyclopedia. Now you will be thinking that I am just copying the content from the encyclopedia and throwing it to your face. But no, what can I do??? The articles in the encyclopedia is just so interesting that I just can’t stop myself to share it with you. But you can check the article about universe or the article about stars to check out what it offered us!!! So, all the apologies apart. Can I come to the topic??? I think you don’t mind actually. So, here I come. This time I am just coming up with an article that is telling you about the history of moon. How the moon was created??? Under what conditions and what other things which lead to this!!! So, are you ready??? I hope so :D. Do you???

THE 4 point history of the moon

  1. So, point #1, ahhh!!! How good it does feel when you got to talk about something you know??? Do you agree??? Okay, I know I know that you are not here. But just to check out if you were alive. Yeah, so first of all, A ball, actually a huge ball. Sorry, did I wrote ball. Actually a huge mars-sized asteroid comes towards our earth at his fastest speed of 20kmps(12 miles per second) and collides with our earth.

2. And then the smashed asteroid pieces and the material gouged out the earth formed a ring around our earth (aww!!!! Our earth became saturn for that time).

  1. After several years(millions or who knows maybe billions) those material which were orbitting earth for years joined each other.

4. And then they formed a large sized ball or what you say natural sattelite which orbitted earth, and you know what we call this natural satellite. We call it moon. This is one-fourth the size of our earth.


  • The pull of Earth’s gravity makes the moon to orbit our earth otherwise It would have gone elsewhere.
  • The gravity on the moon is one-sixth than that present on our earth. That’s why we do moonwalk on moon.
  • That is the moon gravity that is able to create tides on our earth. Nothing more to say.
  • The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun. But the both looks same from earth. Ohh my god!!!



AUTHORS :- Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole Stott, Richard Walker, Claire Watts


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golden stars

credit : google image search

Hey friends, last week I came up with an article which tells you about how to create a universe. It seemed interesting to me, was it interesting for you??? Or you just missed the article my friend, then you were not lucky, don’t worry you can visit the article that I will suggest you below to visit. Ohh, talking about the resource where I got these awesome articles or topics to share about. As I have told back in my article, that these knowledge come from an encyclopedia telling some awesome things. So, did you know about the encyclopedia???? Don’t worry if not, if I’m here my readers don’t have to fear. So go on reading. Well, its just a joke for me to create a star by yourself but for those one interested in so-called astronomy, the whole article is meant for them. Yeah, so shall I start now??? I hope you don’t mind.


Read only if you are so serious about what you are going to do!!!! My suggestion, its your choice ahead.

Yeah, that’s all you need. And if I try to add some by my side then I would like to suggest a very useful input of all steps by your most intelligent part of your brain.

The So-called PROCEDURE

  1. Are you so excited to create an awesome star??? Yeah??? So, here I go my friend. So, first of all you have to create the perfect conditions to create a star!!! That is you have to create a vast cloud which is mainly made up of the three things that I suggested you just some lines above(don’t like to see above, so here they are, they were Hydrogen, Helium and Dust :D).
  2. Now what??? Ohhh jerk!!! Now that you have created an awesome vast cloud suitable for creating a star so you want to take one more step further. So, now you have to collapse the cloud into fragments and you will have to shrink the cloud into the protostars. And a fact – Prototype is the first stage of any star’s life.
  3. Now what jerk???? Ohhhh, I am tired of asking or hearing this question whenever I start any conversation with my friends. Well, you will now not have to say these words because you know when I’m here you don’t actually have to fear. So, now that you have crossed the step #2, you will now have to start nuclear reactions in your star. This will help the star to glow or what you say shine steadily. And now your sexy shining star is ready!!!
  4. Now if you want to destroy your star cruelly. Then just do it with an explosion that is able to leave behind a supernova remnant, neutron star or may be a black hole. So, that was all for creating a sexy shining star. Now let me gonna show you some facts of superstars.


  • The highest temperature of the hottest star is 45,000˚ celcuis or what you say 80,000˚ Farheneit.
  • The highest temperature of the coolest star is 2,500˚ celcuis or what you say 4,500˚farheneit.
  • There are many stars which shine more than our SUN. And these stars produce at least 6 million times more light than the sun.
  • The oldest star is 10 billion years old.
  • Sirius is the most brightest star at the night time.



AUTHORS :- Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole Stott, Richard Walker, Claire Watts


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The Hadean eon is often characterized by extre...

The Hadean eon is often characterized by extreme volcanism as Earth continued to cool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this article, I am going to tell you about the crisis that happened in the past of earth that would have lead to the destruction of earth. Yesterday, I was reading a magazine. It is a technology magazine of last year. But I think the article the writer had written there was just amazing. And I got to share it, it was so amazing man!!! I will strongly suggest you to read the original article. But I don’t think that you will find the magazine now. But don’t worry. When I am here, then there’s no right for my readers to fear. I will try to narrate his article in my way, so you can get all the crucial knowledge of the world destruction. But I am sorry that I can’t make the writer write for you in his own words. So, I am going to write the article in my words, what I had understood from his article. So, Guys are you ready??? I am sure you will be. So, go on and read this………

The Super Volcano

So according to the writer, some 74,000 years ago. A volcano erupted in Sumatra which almost destroyed the Earth. Well, in my opinion the volcano eruption is the worst thing that could lead the Earth to the greatest destruction. Do You agree with my opinion??? Well, I must stick to the writer’s point of view because I did not even exist at the time when this volcano was erupted in the place of eruption. So, coming back to the writer’s article. The explosion created by the great volcano eruption was so destructive that it almost ripped a 100 kilometers crater on the earth’s crust and even drived the earth to a complete volcanic winter. And the writer also mentioned that this volcanic winter was not too small, this volcanic winter existed for almost a full decade (which we call a period of ten years).  And the writer said that he had even heard a rumor that the super volcano had bottlenecked the human kind of species at that particular time.

Bubonic Plague

Plagues, ahhh!!! I had heard many cases about Plague that how plague almost killed an entire species of some animals in a particular area. In my history book, political science book and many much more syllabus books. And the writer of the article which I am talking about also comes up with a Plague that almost killed A certain continent. So coming to the writer’s article, Bubonic Plague is a disease that almost cleared up one third of the World’s population and most of Europe’s population. It is a consider as a killer disease, no one could survive if he catch this disease by mistake. The writer didn’t provide the time when this disease existed, neither do I got to know from the WORLD WIDE WEB.

World War II

The deadliest war that happened in the history. I think people consider it as the first Modern War (what I think so!!!). So the writer says in his word that “World War II was the greatest war in history and an inspiration of an endless stream of video games. This was the most destructive war and almost brought the entire world economy to its knees. If the war didn’t ended when it did, we would have destroyed the earth.” I completely agree with the writer’s point of view. He said correctly that if the war wouldn’t have ended when it did, we couldn’t be able to do what we do now!!! Any opinions??? Put it down in the commentary box and submit.

A massive Flyby

I don’t know whether this information was true or not. But I think it’s true. The writer writes in his words that on the day March 22, 1989. An asteroid just passes by the earth. And I don’t know what he was talking about, but he wrote that an asteroid just passed the earth by 6 hours. I have no idea about it. Is there any astronomer out here, who would be able to explain it??? Okay, When I’ll get to know about what the matter is, then I’ll explain the whole matter to you. And this asteroid could completely destroy the earth. This asteroid was able to create a destruction that is able to be created by 600 megatons bomb.

Research that would have killed

The writer writes that in the day January 25, 1995. The world would have completely ended if the decision was not taken in time. How?????? Yeah, he answered the question, my friend. On the date January 25, 1998 Russians tested their newly made rocket. The rocket was launched from Norway that day. But according to the what the writer says, the Russians didn’t got the message right. And the rocket was nuclear missile, and then the Russians had only 10 minutes to stop the missile and fortunately they did.

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References – Digit Magazine December 2012

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Phishing – an introduction

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
New Federal Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks ...

New Federal Legislation and WikiLeaks Attacks Frame University of Maryland Cybersecurity Center Launch (Photo credit: University of Maryland Press Releases)

Ahhh!!! It was my dream to come up with an article related to this kinda technology. Well, it feels good to tell about what you love to. I love to talk about technology and CyberCrimes. Well, there’s a lot to share about the world of CyberCrime. But I don’t have that much knowledge of this kinda technology that I’ll be able to share things with you with an article more than 500 words. Well, I know you are not here to read what I like to tell or what kinda knowledge I have. Am I right or I am right???? So, going straight ahead to the main topic which you are here. Phishing!!!

Phishing not Fishing

When I first read the word PHISHING in an book related to CyberCrime, then I first thought that it would be related to somewhat FISHING. And then reading it theoretically, I thought FREAKING NO!!! Theoretically, it didn’t gave me the glimpse of Fishing.

Ohhh, I forgot to tell you what I read in the paragraph below the massive heading of PHISHING. In simple words, it told me that Phishing is a technique in the world of CyberCrime through which we can get to know about the passwords of our targeted victim. And in a long story, you would have to create a fake login screen and then this and that. And then blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!

But when I read the whole procedure. BOSS!!! Then I got to know why this was named as PHISHING.


Shakespeare said the above words. And I got to know that he himself had written his name beyond the saying or you can say quote. And I had already replied Shakespeare in my old post.In reply to Shakespeare, I had already said


Well, all these so-called inspirational things aside. Coming to the topic, WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE WHICH LEADS TO SUCH NAME??? Well, I was not known to the procedure until July of this year.

The procedure is to:-

  1. First, you have to prepare for a fake login screen.
  2. Then you will have to host a link which will lead to that fake login screen.
  3. You will have to send an anonymous email to your targeted victim.
  4. And then wait for the person to visit the fake login screen.

Wanna know more guys, I will suggest you to visit the blog below :-

Santosh Kumar’s blog

So, its just like Fishing. You’ll have to wait till your fish gets into the net. And then grab it and kill it. Well, it was the whole thing that I got to tell you about.

And now its time to give you some tips about PHISHING!!! I hope you don’t mind me giving you tips. So, here are they :-

  • The first tip, I would suggest you to have the knowledge of this subject. But don’t try it. And if you are going to try this. Try it at your own risk. As it is a crime.
  • And the other one, if you are going to try this. Then at least make sure, that you are not committing any crime.
  • And the last one, practice is the only thing that can make you an expert at any task. So, make sure that you practice your skills to make ‘em best.

So, that’s all. BE SAFE!!! I will be sharing some more things about CYBERCRIME. So, keep visiting.

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