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bionic_legsArtificial leg, nothing to say much, the name describe it all, artificial legs are the legs which are made by scientists for the one not having leg. So, in this article I am going to tell you about the new artificial leg introduced by RIC researchers. But now these legs are much more than an duplicate leg, these legs can be controlled by human brain. Scientists had been working for the improvement of artificial legs for many years. This technology is very good for the development of society, helping human beings and what else??? 🙂 Researchers had created an artificial leg that can respond to electrical impulses. But first of all we will talk about the old version of artificial leg.

The old artificial/bionic legs

I have a very little knowledge about this type of artificial legs. The first thing is that these type of legs are the old version of latest bionic legs. The problem with these legs were that these legs were bulky. It was very difficult to control ’em.

The new artificial/bionic legs

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) researchers have created a artificial leg that responds to electrical impulses from muscles in the patient’s hamstring with the user’s thoughts controlling the movement of bionic ankle and knee. The bionic leg was tested by Zac Vawter and he used it to climb to the top of the Willis Tower. He was able to climb the tower in just an hour without any breaks. And in this way, he proved that the leg is able to be used by anyone. 😀

Zac Vawter is the person who lost his right leg in an bike accident in 2009. And then he had to go through an surgical procedure called “targeted muscle re-innervation”. This procedure was able to assign(or you can say re-assign) him his nerves, which allowed him to have more natural control of his artificial leg(which was assigned to him during the surgical procedure). The leg also comes with a feature of a built-in “anti-stumble” feature. This means that if the machine(artificial leg) senses that the user is starting to stumble, then the machine starts to lift to avoid the obstruction and places the next step steadily to optimize balance.  RIC researchers are still working to improve this.

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Microbial photo array
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Disease detecting sensors are new technology to find out whether the patient is going under any crucial disease. There are many diseases, that need a quicker operation for the best results to be shown. But unfortunately, there are some diseases which are very hard to be diagnosed in their starting stages like AIDS. These diseases are not very easy to be recognized in their initial stages. Therefore, it is hard to help out an AIDS(or a person with similar disease) patient 😦 . So, after working a lot to recognize AIDS in its earlier stage. British scientist had came up with a solution that might identify the disease in its earlier stages. I got to know about this in Dec. 2012 while reading a magazine(reading magazine is a good habit, you must carry out :P, just a suggestion). But that was not the time that I can introduce my readers with this invention(because I didn’t own a blog at that time 😦 ). But not to worry, I have come up with the information about this disease. So, wish you a Happy Reading. And yes, don’t forget to tell you that how do you feel about this invention.

So, going ahead and telling about the invention.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many days ago (feel like an ancient invention :P), back in Dec. 2012. There existed an Imperial College in London, England. Where doctors and scientists worked out for medicines(probably not for their muscles :D) for curing AIDS. But they come up with a medicine which can identify symptoms of AIDS in its early stage.  The super-sensitive  prototype sensors made the doctors and the scientists to detect the symptoms of the disease with naked eyes. They had to use nanotechnology to analyze the blood samples. Theses sensors  had a positive reaction to p24(a protein that indicates the early symptoms of HIV infection), or PSA(a protein that indicates prostate cancer) and generates irregular clumps of nano particles that emit a blue color in a solution that is kept in a disposable container. But if the sensor(or you can say, indicator) shows an negative reaction, then it causes the nano particles to separate into a ball-like shapes which creates a reddish blue colour. These colours are easily distinguishable with naked eyes.

Simple HIV test which uses saliva to determine HIV infection already existed before that, but , they can only detect the virus if the virus is present in highly concentrated amounts. The concentration of p24 protein is high in the first few weeks of infection, so, the test like that invented by British Scientists is the one which is able to be used for quick diagnosis at the early stages of infection. This make us able to not to wait for the virus to be spread in the whole body of the patient.

The team of scientists behind the project says that their technology is 10 times more sensitive than current methods used for diagnosis than current methods used for the diagnosis of via similar biomarking systems, and, in fact, they showed viral loads in an HIV-infected patients that were previously undetectable.

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ImageBrain is the most important part of our body. Brain is just like a CPU to our body. So, Here I am presenting some facts about human brain. A free advise from me to you, its up to you that if you want to follow my advise or not. Whatever you read, learn or watch, take it seriously it might help you to improve your bank of knowledge. Before I start, I am going to tell you a thing the more seriously you take this topic, the more good it will be to you. So, here I go :-

Fact #1 : Our Brain has three divisions

ImageOur brain has three division :- Forebrain, Midbrain and Hindbrain. I think this might be known to many of you. But do you think you know each and every one. And I know there must be readers who don’t know about it. So, your brain will be asking you many questions. Such as What do they do?? and where are they in our brain??? So, I am heading to the 2nd question, that where are they in our brain? As this question is not worth mentioning in words. I had provided you with a picture on your left side. This will tell you the whole. And next, what do they do, so the answers are our forebrain controls our thoughts, our mid-brain controls all things except our visual and hearing powers and at last, our hindbrain analyses whatever we hear and see.

Fact #2 : Our brain has two hemispheres

ImageYes, it is right. Just like earth, our mind also have two hemispheres. But we don’t call it eastern and western hemispheres here. We call them right brain and left brain. On the right side, there is a list given that what our left brain do and what do our right brain do?? But simply, I would like to tell you our left brain thinks and our right brain implements these thoughts. Our Left brain do logical things and our right brains use this logic.

Fact #3 : Blood Vessels in our brain are too long

You know that our brain contain blood vessels. But Do You Know? that how long these blood vessels would be if measured. Did you just said ‘NO’. OK, so you don’t have to worry. If we unfold our brain blood vessels then it would cross the length of 160 thousand kilometers. And this length is enough if you want to take a roller coaster ride of earth’s circumference 4 times.

Fact #4 : Grey Matters in our Brain Image

What are Grey Matters? This must be the first question you had put after reading the name of Grey matter on the title of this fact. If you watch Ben 10, then I may tell you that what you just thought was not right. This grey matter is not that small alien on Ben’s watch(omnitrix). Grey Matters are the neurons present in our Brain. Our Brain contains more htan 100 billion grey matters. These grey matters carry information from one end to other.

Fact #5 : 4 Terabyte Hard Disk

Yes, you read right. There is an Hard Disk which can contain a data worth 4 terabyte. And this hard disk is our brain. If we assume ourself as an computer and brain as hard disk. Then our brain could store 4 terabyte of data.

Fact #6 : Say no to two languages before the age of 5

A child must not learn two languages before the age of 5. This is observed that the children learning two or more languages before the age of 5 are not good performer later on. Those children’s brain could not develop grey matters that functions well.

Fact #7 : Good food habits to a good brain

This is found that our brain depends on our diet. The more healthy and the more nutritious we will eat, the more good our brain would be. This is observed that people having good food habits have an IQ level that is 14% more than those who don’t have good food habits.

Fact #8 : Oxygen to the Brain

Our brain also needs oxygen. So, it takes 10% of the oxygen which is received by the nostrils from the atmosphere. This means that our body only take 90% of the oxygen. And later on this 90% is taken by different parts of the body.

Fact #9 : Women are more emotional

Yeah, I know this is set that the next world war, I mean the world war III is set to be Men vs. Women. As I am a boy, then how can I leave the chance to tell the Girls that they are not better than Boys. Well, Jokes apart. Women are more emotional as compared to Men. And is anyone out there who know what is the reason behind it. The reason behind it is their Limb System present in brain. They have a bigger limb system as compared to men. The limb system controls our emotions.

Fact #10 : Women can use both hemispheres of brain at a time

And now, here’s a weak point of the Men. All the men reading this blog can hide their face for sure. The point is that we men can use a single hemisphere of our brain at a time. Whereas, women can use both hemispheres of their brain at a single time.

Fact #11 : Rest is a basic requirement

That is observed that human brain needs rest. If you spend working for long hours, and don’t give a rest to your brain. You can suffer from a bad time. Let me tell you about some diseases you can catch if you don’t give your brain a rest :-

1. Exploding head syndrome :- In this disease, you will feel that your brain is exploding. Your mid-brain will make such unpleasant sounds but this will be audible to you only.

2. Phantom Extra limb syndrome :- In this, you will feel that you had more than usual body parts.

3. Sleep Paralyses :- In this, after your sleep is finished which means after you are awake, till then you can not move your body parts because your brain is still asleep.

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