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I mean are you crazy???? Create a Universe??? If you are thinking this my friend, then you are an intelligent reader, yeah, this is the thing that all intelligent readers have in common, QUESTIONING. But before starting the topic, I would like to tell you that this is not my thoughts or purely my article. I was holding an encyclopedia while reading this, And I also raised some awesome questions while reading this, so guys, do you want to know about the book much more??? If yes, then just go to the end of article and this will take you to the book, yeah. Well, guys its not easy to create a Universe, yes my friend, it will take several thousand of years to create a universe. So, I think its just a joke for me, but for those astronomers, scientist and what others say ‘em ‘interested in planets and universe etc.’. It’s a matter which is so serious. So, my friend, I am writing this article for those interested people. I hope you enjoy.


  • A massive explosive (for kinda explosion)
  • A huge amount of time (for at least 1 billion years)
  • Small galaxies
  • And some solar systems


  1. The 5 step procedure starts here. So are you ready my friends???? I think so( 😀 ). Its kinda excitement if you are serious about this(but this is a dream for me, and I don’t think no one is gonna take the challenge to take this fun :P). First, you have to create a big bang!!!! This means a great explosion that will be able to last for at least one trillionth part of a second. This explosion will create tiny particles of radiation that will be even smaller than the size of the full stop I use in this article. Many peoples interested in chemistry will know that. Yeah!!!
  2. Now, that you have created a massive explosion(I think that you have not created this in your home!!!). You will have to wait for the first atoms to form a mix of 76% of hydrogen and 24% of helium. How long???? According to me, this depends upon the size of explosion. Yeah!!! (Great scientists here, Correct me if I am saying something wrong!!! It would be a pleasure.) The great authors of the encyclopedia said that it would be some 380,000 years to wait.
  3. Now, that the atoms had mixed in the proportion that will be able to create some sexy stars. Then, make sure you are alive to see ‘em. Nah, Just Kidding :D!!! So, if taken authors as right. Then check after 1 billion years ago, that if the stars and the dwarf galaxies are formed or not.
  4. Coming to the fourth step, this is a lil bit confusion. Will you be alive to see your universe??? Are you that much living person??? Well, questions apart. The fourth step tells after 3 billions year of Big Bang, start to merge/add some new galaxies to your universe. To make it a complete universe with many galaxies.
  5. The last and the final step, Now that you have almost created the whole universe by yourself. So, don’t you want some solar system and some planets in your universe??? So, this is the right time to add ‘em to your universe.

Well, that was all for creating a universe.



AUTHORS :- Kim Bryan, Lisa Burke, Dougal Dixon, Susan Kennedy, Jim Pipe, Carole Stott, Richard Walker, Claire Watts


Well, that was all. Now let me tell you the key thing of the whole article. I read the article by the authors. And I understood the article well. They didn’t meant us to create a universe(how intelligent am I). Their motive was to tell us how the universe was created. Am I right or you say just right??? So, that was all.

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Enjoy yourselves!!! Keep Reading!!! Keep Visiting!!!

And yes, don’t go anywhere because next week I’ll be coming up with an article telling you how to make a star in just four steps.

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