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Disease detecting sensors are new technology to find out whether the patient is going under any crucial disease. There are many diseases, that need a quicker operation for the best results to be shown. But unfortunately, there are some diseases which are very hard to be diagnosed in their starting stages like AIDS. These diseases are not very easy to be recognized in their initial stages. Therefore, it is hard to help out an AIDS(or a person with similar disease) patient 😦 . So, after working a lot to recognize AIDS in its earlier stage. British scientist had came up with a solution that might identify the disease in its earlier stages. I got to know about this in Dec. 2012 while reading a magazine(reading magazine is a good habit, you must carry out :P, just a suggestion). But that was not the time that I can introduce my readers with this invention(because I didn’t own a blog at that time 😦 ). But not to worry, I have come up with the information about this disease. So, wish you a Happy Reading. And yes, don’t forget to tell you that how do you feel about this invention.

So, going ahead and telling about the invention.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many days ago (feel like an ancient invention :P), back in Dec. 2012. There existed an Imperial College in London, England. Where doctors and scientists worked out for medicines(probably not for their muscles :D) for curing AIDS. But they come up with a medicine which can identify symptoms of AIDS in its early stage.  The super-sensitive  prototype sensors made the doctors and the scientists to detect the symptoms of the disease with naked eyes. They had to use nanotechnology to analyze the blood samples. Theses sensors  had a positive reaction to p24(a protein that indicates the early symptoms of HIV infection), or PSA(a protein that indicates prostate cancer) and generates irregular clumps of nano particles that emit a blue color in a solution that is kept in a disposable container. But if the sensor(or you can say, indicator) shows an negative reaction, then it causes the nano particles to separate into a ball-like shapes which creates a reddish blue colour. These colours are easily distinguishable with naked eyes.

Simple HIV test which uses saliva to determine HIV infection already existed before that, but , they can only detect the virus if the virus is present in highly concentrated amounts. The concentration of p24 protein is high in the first few weeks of infection, so, the test like that invented by British Scientists is the one which is able to be used for quick diagnosis at the early stages of infection. This make us able to not to wait for the virus to be spread in the whole body of the patient.

The team of scientists behind the project says that their technology is 10 times more sensitive than current methods used for diagnosis than current methods used for the diagnosis of via similar biomarking systems, and, in fact, they showed viral loads in an HIV-infected patients that were previously undetectable.

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